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Button Battery Safety

What is a Button Battery? A button battery is a small, circular, single cell flat battery, shaped very much like a button (see image above). Button batteries can vary in size, from 0.5cm to 2.5cm in width. Some people may call these batteries ‘coin’ or lithium batteries. All button batteries

Kids [Baby & Child] CPR & First Aid training class in Sydney for Parents & Grand Parents

Drowning prevention tips with Kidsaver. In Australia, 22 children aged 0-4 years die from drowning, on average, each year and is it estimated that a further 200 young children suffer long term disability from non fatal drowning. Young children are at high risk of drowning. Drowning is 100% preventable. Young


What Parents Need to Know about Children and Burn Safety Tara Eid, Kidsaver CEO, explains what all parents need to know when it comes to their children and burns. As the weather gets colder, the risk gets higher for infant and child burns. In fact: almost 80% of serious burns

pram heat warning

Dangers of covering prams in hot weather We just wanted to share this reminder with you all about the dangers of covering prams, especially when it’s hot. Covered Prams Heat Quickly Covered prams can heat up quite quickly, much like a car. By putting a cloth over the pram, air

You Must Stay Calm! Febrile convulsions are not harmful to your child WHAT IS A FEBRILE CONVULSION? Febrile convulsions can be absolutely terrifying to witness, but please be comforted in knowing that they are not harmful to your child. Febrile convulsions do not cause brain damage, or increase the risk