Pram warning – danger in covering prams

pram heat warning

Dangers of covering prams in hot weather

We just wanted to share this reminder with you all about the dangers of covering prams, especially when it’s hot.

Covered Prams Heat Quickly

Covered prams can heat up quite quickly, much like a car. By putting a cloth over the pram, air cannot circulate properly inside the pram, causing it to retain heat – it can be 15 degrees hotter than outside!

Check Baby Regularly

Remember to check on your little one regularly when in the pram, and if you have the option, open up the back panel of your pram to increase air flow.

Stay safe & cool this summer!

Children’s Health Queensland WARNING: The temperature under the canopy of an enclosed pram can be up to 15 degrees hotter than outside 🌡️☀️ Keep your baby cool and in the shade as much as possible. ☂️ 🌴